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BCrowned Cleansers

BCrowned Cleansers


Lavender Benefits:

·         Fights acne

·         Toning properties

·         Soothes eczema and dry skin

·         Anti-inflammatory properties

·         Heals wounds

·         Prevents wrinkles/fine lines

·         Calming aroma

Frankincense Benefits:

·         Strengthen skin/improve tone

·         Defense mechanisms against bacteria/blemishes

·         Reduce inflammation

·         Anti-aging properties

·         Wrinkle reducer

·         Sweet/woody aroma

Helichrysum Benefits:

·         Anti-microbial 

·         Antibiotic

·         Reduces scarring

·         Promote healthy skin cell growth and regeneration

·         Heals wounds

·         Enhances a glowing complexion

·         Earthy/fruity aroma

  • Nut Allergy

    Attention customers with a nut allergy: Please be advised that our oils contain nuts in them.

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